GPM designs offer a variety of options for internal storage. The most popular options are 5 or 6 shelves, long hanging with shelves (for long clothes such as long coats or dresses), double hanging (one rail at the top and one about half way up for shirts, blouses, trousers, skirts or short jackets).

Internal drawers are also a popular option. We can provide shoe rails, tie and belt racks, internal mirrors, internal lighting or pretty much anything you want. Double hanging can sometimes be a bit of a stretch, so we can provide special pull down rails if needed.

Browse a selection of photos illustrating some internal storage solutions:

Corners and End of Run Wardrobes

You can opt for a 45 degree angled corner unit giving easy access to awkward corners. The corner door is at 45 degrees to the other doors in the run. This is often an option with an L shaped wardrobe running along 2 walls. The internal is cleverly set out with space for 6 or 7 shelves measuring approximately 300 wide and either 850mm of long hanging and a shelf or 1700mm of double hanging.

To break up the flat end on the end of a wardrobe run, you can opt for an angled end wardrobe. This is a 45 degree door at the end of a run of wardrobes. It houses 6 or 7 angled shelves behind.

Have a look at the pictures below to see what these units look like and the typical internal layout for these options.