1. Whilst every effort has been made to ensure details on your drawings and information supplied are correct, when signing the confirmation of order form, you (the customer) are agreeing to the details supplied and consequently all units will be built to these details. Alterations other than those given on the confirmation form must be supplied in writing to GPM Designs Ltd as soon as possible after acceptance. If in doubt, please ask.

2. On confirmation of order the customer shall pay GPM Designs Ltd a deposit as of 50%. The balance is then payable by the customer to GPM Designs Ltd on the day the work is completed.

3. Title to any goods installed by GPM Designs Ltd shall not pass to the customer until such time as the costs of the installation have been discharged in full by the customer.

4. Late payment of balance due on completion will result in GPM Designs Ltd being entitled to charge interest on the outstanding balance calculated on a daily basis until paid in full.

5. Please note that colours and details shown on the face drawings are a representation and should only be used as a guide. Construction details and colours need to be seen in the showroom.

6. A 7-day cooling off period will apply to all orders, and if the order is cancelled, the customer will receive their deposit back in full. This will result in a 7-day delay in delivery of the job unless waived in writing by the customer.

7. Where additional, unforeseen structural problems occur causing an alteration to the design/layout, a quote will be given for the extra work involved.

8. Additions to the order or changes to the specification will be quoted for on an individual basis. Small alterations, e.g. additional shelves or changes such as a hanging rail instead of shelves, would not incur an additional charge unless the alteration was major.

9. Guarantee. A non-transferable guarantee period of 5 years applies to all our furniture.