For your convenience, we offer this service so you can get an idea of the cost of your envisaged new furniture design before we have visited your home. We can usually get a price back to you within 24 hours.

We ask that you upload a sketch of your room plan including dimensions, positions of windows, doors and radiators with position of where you want your required furniture to go shown on the plan. You can include a sketch of the furniture as viewed from the front also if you feel this helps – otherwise you can just label each item on the plan. For example “wardrobe” or “3 drawer chest”. Other useful information to include would be room height, details of any angled ceilings or protrusions into the room and any other information you feel relevant to mention. Then upload your sketch or sketches ensuring you leave your name, e-mail address and contact telephone number so we can reach you.

We also offer this service in our showroom. If you would like to bring in a sketch with dimensions, we would be happy to go through it with you and give you a price there and then. The price would be subject to a site survey where would check dimensions, positions of electrical sockets etc and generally check that everything will work ok in the room. Please call to make an appointment before you come as either George or Adam would need to be in the office to provide this service for you.